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CFPs for Upcoming Special Issues

2022 Graduate Student and Precarious Scholar Essay Award

The SCMS Caucus on Class Graduate Student and Precarious Scholar Essay Award, sponsored by The Projector: A Journal in Film, Media, and Culture, recognizes outstanding scholarship in the areas of labor activism, political economy studies, labor practices, social justice movements, materialist cultural studies, community organizing and empowerment, academic and institutional activism, production studies, and film/media representations of class. The winning author will receive a $500 cash prize and the essay (subject to revision) will be published in The Projector.

An Essay Award Jury, composed of two members of the SCMS Caucus on Class and one member of The Projector editorial board, will evaluate submissions based on the manuscript’s contribution to the field, depth of research, and academic language and style.

Birmingham Alabama coal miners were unionized by the CIO in 1934 after strikes and resista

Application Deadline: January 31, 2022

everything is media now

“Film or television? Who cares?”—the title of Glenn Whipp and Justin Chang’s Los Angeles Times article on the best film award given to Small Axe—captures the focus of this special issue. The journal is looking for research on (1) developments in the now-inextricably-converged media entertainment industry as it turns to digital platforms; (2) emerging opportunities for media-makers to create diverse content within the context of both the proliferation of digital platforms and the increased demand for content on those platforms; and (3) salient aspects of how audiences access and experience contemporary media.

Online movie stream with mobile device.

Application Deadline: June 1, 2022