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CFPs for Upcoming Special Issues

Ordering (and Disrupting) What is Valued in Film and Media  

The Projector is developing a special issue featuring (1) research articles on institutions and socio-economic groups that engage in the Orwellian project of “ordering your world” and “helping you find the best of everything” in film and media, along with (2) research articles on platforms and film-media productions that do not reify global north cultural norms, by instead reflecting the perspectives of and being shaped by people of the global majority, the Black, Indigenous, and people of color who constitute 80% of the world population.

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Submissions accepted throughout 2021; final deadline December 31, 2021

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“Film or television? Who cares?”—the title of Glenn Whipp and Justin Chang’s Los Angeles Times article on the best film award given to Small Axe—captures the focus of this special issue. The journal is looking for research on (1) developments in the now-inextricably-converged media entertainment industry as it turns to digital platforms; (2) emerging opportunities for media-makers to create diverse content within the context of both the proliferation of digital platforms and the increased demand for content on those platforms; and (3) salient aspects of how audiences access and experience contemporary media.

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Initial deadline: January 1, 2022 – with submissions accepted until June 1, 2022